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G & V Adventures

… master any adventure life may throw at you

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About us

A couple of years ago I undertook a journey throughout the widespread woods of the Black Forest in Germany. This was a very adventurous and liberating trip. I really enjoyed to be gone from the daily routine, yet I did realize one thing. It would have been much easier and convenient with the correct equipment. A simple thing like our survival kit would have made a world of difference and would have made it much easier to get along in the wild without any other resources.

So I came together with Steven who had a lot of experience in e-commerce. The idea was to build a company to provide high-quality equipment to master any adventure life may throw at you. From opening your favourite bottle of beer or making a fire in the dark forest everything should be covered. Of course as compact and neat as possible. That’s where the idea was born build G&V Adventures.

We are located in Switzerland and are dedicated to deliver highest quality products meeting our Swiss standards. Stay tuned for more products and news around our brand.

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